Interval Training With Walking

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Adding interval training into walking can improve your metabolic healthy significantly.

Although interval training and high intensity workouts are very popular these days, the concept is also very useful for people who prefer walking which is very safe and anyone can do it.

No Diet, No Workout Weight Management Tips

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If you like pasta, try re-heated one. It behaves like a fiber rather than starch and regulates your blood sugar level far better than the freshly cooked pasta.

If you want to stay in shape and healthy, you must move your body. However, there are several other things that you can do to keep your body weight in check.

Multi-Dimensional Workout Is the Best For Weight Loss

Exercising With A Kettlebell

Although people do different types of cross fitness training, the idea behind it is always the same: doing various types of workouts intensely in a short time is much better than moderate but long single-type exercises.

Most people have their favorite workouts. Women tend to stick to a cardio workout, and men tend to stick to weight training. Some people love Yoga and others love swimming. Whatever you do, as long as you move your body, you are benefiting your body and your brain. Even your offspring two generations down will get benefits from your workout!

Counter-measure for Deadly Sedentary Lifestyle: Exercise Snacks

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“Exercise snacks” before meals are much better than one continuous moderate workout to control your blood sugar level.

More and more articles about the deadly effects of a sedentary lifestyle are reported in newspapers and magazines. Many scientific studies agree that even if you work out, if you sit a long time each day, the workout does not negate the bad effect of the sedentary lifestyle. In some sense, it is hype rather than scare tactics intended to make people buy more things (such as standing desks), but we can’t deny the results that many scientists are finding.

Think of Working Out as Fun

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If you enjoy workout, you get more healthy benefit. Enjoy whatever you are doing. If you are healthy, you can enjoy your life more and you will be happier.

Most of us know that exercises are good for our body and we must do them if we want to be healthy. Unfortunately this mentality of “must” makes exercise seem like a burden in our life, not something we can enjoy. If you think of exercise as some sort of chore, even if you workout, your mind won’t be there fully and you will workout less efficiently. As a consequence, you won’t get the result you want and you will be further discouraged. Eventually you will stop working out entirely. This is not good; we really need to enjoy whatever we are doing.

Iron Supplement Seems to Enhance Female Athletic Performance

Women need more iron than men.  Although it is ideal to get all your iron need from food, you may need to rely on iron supplements.

Women need more iron than men. Although it is ideal to get all your iron need from food, you may need to rely on iron supplements.

It is well known that many women are anemic, mainly due to iron deficiency partially due to the monthly cycle. That is why it is very important to take a blood test regularly to monitor iron level in your body. It seems that many people don’t realize that they are iron deficiency or at the borderline, even among health conscious top female athletes. In general, about 25% of women are iron deficiency.