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High Protein Food May Be As Deadly As Cigarettes

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High protein food may be as deadly as smoking cigarettes

High protein and low carbohydrate diets, such as Atkins and Paleo diets, are really popular these days since a low carbohydrate diet (hence high protein) seems to lead to weight loss and improve cardiovascular health. However, there is a catch.

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If You Are In Your Golden Age, Stand Up!

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If you move more throughout a day in your golden age, you have less chance to become physically disabled in future.

I mean that you should not be sitting all day, especially if you are older than 60 years old. In one of the previous articles (Don’t Sit All Day…), I mentioned that that sitting is really bad for your body regardless of the amount of moderate exercises you do daily. This was further confirmed in a recent study.

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Losing Weight Without Working Out

Athlete woman is running during winter training outside in cold snow weather.

Working out in a cooler environment makes you lose more body fat.

Do you know what the main uses of the energy are that our body uses everyday? The largest use of energy is to maintain our organs, such as the brain and the heart. Then the energy is used to keep our body temperature steady. Depending on the surrounding temperature, our body spends between a few percent to nearly 30% of its daily energy consumption in this way. 

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Change Your Personality to Improve Your Health.

A mature woman sitting comfortably and happily

If you are happy with yourself, you will be healthier.

We cannot deny that we are born with some sort of personalities. One recent statistical study shows that genetics affect our character traits such as self-control and sociability far more than we thought previously. Another study found that nice people are born with “niceness” genes. Indeed, our personality affects our daily life a lot.

For example, when comparing between a person with out-going traits and one with shy traits, the latter takes, on average, 5 years longer to get married, and earns as much as 20% less income at a similar educational background. That is huge.

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Looking for Magic Weight Loss Pills? Forget About It!

A pile of weight loss supplments

Most weight loss supplements do not do anything without a workout.

Everyone wants to lose weight in an easy way and are willing to spend tons of money to do so. When there is money there will be con artists.

The weight loss supplement is a $2.4 billion dollar industry which is still growing rapidly without much of governmental regulations or even an industry standard. Unlike medicine, supplements are categorized under “food” and they don’t need to go through a rigorous scientific process before selling their products. Some are ineffective and do nothing, but some are actually harmful for the body.

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