Beginner’s Fitness Programs

This is a step by step guide where you will learn how to change your life style and achieve your fitness goal with theories behind fitness and practical advices from a certified coach.

How do I start on the path to fitness?

Well, you need to make a step by step plan, and diligently follow the plan, but modify it if it is necessary, until you achieve the goal. Beginner’s Fitness Programs will give you useful information that you can use to make your plan.

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Vigorous, Strong, and Beautiful

The most important elements in fitness are, actually, the following five things.

If you have these, you can achieve your fitness goal, or any other goal. Then you need to think of a balanced workout plan. You need to work on all of these:

Go to each section and think how you can use the information presented there. Did you think that there was one formula to fit everyone? No! That is the problem for many programs. Beginner’s Fitness Programs wants you to think, and create your own program. You can model the program from someone already accomplished, but you still need to modify it for your needs.

Now, let’s do it! (Click a picture to go to the page.)


Home Motivation Time Management Support Correct and Updated Information Planning

Woman Jumping

Fitness Motivation

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Supportive Friends

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Cardio Capacity Muscular Strength Body Weight Management Healthy Diet Flexibility Mental Relaxation

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Weight Training Programs

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A woman stretching her hamstring.

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