Fed Up

Although I usually do not put the review of a movie, this documentary is very apt for this site and I decided to put it. This documentary is about the obesity epidemic, especially child obesity. It clearly shows us why it is happening and what we should do.

The main causes of the current “epidemic” is added sugar in processed food, not fat. Food industry is denying the fact and lobbying against anything efforts limits the amount of sugar in the food. Most of us is eating 5 to 10 times of recommended amounts of sugar a day; though we don’t know the “recommended” amount of sugar in the US as the food industry blocked the effort to list the limit on the food label.

Although we blame ourselves of getting fat. However, how can blame kids to be obese when the whole food industry makes kids to get addicted to sugary food though media. Yes, sugar is an addicted substance which acts almost similar to illegal drugs. Farther, nearly all school lunch were provided by food industry and basically everything are junk food in my opinion.

The documentary suggests that we should attack the food industry like what we did to the tobacco industry. All food label should contains warming about sugar. Every time they put TV ads which shows their products, they also need to put healthy food ads.

There are, of course, things we can do. Cook food at home from fresh food! Use local produces. Yes, we need to do “de-toxic” of processed food.

Anyway, you really need to see this documentary. I recommend to you, your family, and to your friends. More people knows about the fact, the better. Please recommend this film to everyone you know.

There is a web site related to this documentary: feudpmovie.com. You should check the information there and you may also want to sign up.

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