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It is New Year!

Let's try to set up process goals this year and have fun with them!

Let’s try to set up process goals this year and have fun with them!

Yes, it is a new year and it is time to re-check your fitness goal.

Although it is nice to reach your target weight, or manage to run a first 10 K race, if you did not achieved the fitness goal you setup last year, maybe you want to set a different type of fitness goal this year; a “process” fitness goal. Instead of losing 10 pounds, you set your goal to be to work out 3 times a week and eat healthy food.

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Counter-measure for Deadly Sedentary Lifestyle: Exercise Snacks

Mature couple working out at fitness centre on excercise bikes

“Exercise snacks” before meals are much better than one continuous moderate workout to control your blood sugar level.

More and more articles about the deadly effects of a sedentary lifestyle are reported in newspapers and magazines. Many scientific studies agree that even if you work out, if you sit a long time each day, the workout does not negate the bad effect of the sedentary lifestyle. In some sense, it is hype rather than scare tactics intended to make people buy more things (such as standing desks), but we can’t deny the results that many scientists are finding.

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Fed Up

Although I usually do not put the review of a movie, this documentary is very apt for this site and I decided to put it. This documentary is about the obesity epidemic, especially child obesity. It clearly shows us why it is happening and what we should do.

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Don’t Sit All Day…

A woman sitting in front of a computer with a lower back pain

Sitting all day long is not good for your health.

You already know that physical inactivity leads you to many types of physical problems, including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, bone loss etc. One study published in the last year attracted many people’s attention; women who sit for long hours every day have two to three time more of a chance to develop a life threatening blood clot! It is similar to the famous “Economy Class Syndrome.” The blood clots developed in the veins in the legs and then travel to the lungs and clog up the system, which may kill you.

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Let’s Save Time!

Do you know of Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Workweek”? We wish we could be like him, but most of us are probably not ready. Still, there are many ways to save time so that we can add regular…