Best Cardio Workout

Shorten Your Training Time to Run Faster

a mature woman running up stairs fast

Cutting training time will improve your your running time.

Do you want to cut one minute for the next five km run? Maybe you need to cut your training time.

Many beginner/intermediate runners train themselves a lot, but don’t see any improvements in running time. Sometime they run ever day and running for the last couple of years, but still don’t see any improvement. In fact, some of them overtrain themselves and damaged muscles, knees, or even get stress fractures and need to take off from running for several months.

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Exercises Keep Your Brain in Shape

A woman enjoying jogging in the city

A longer cardio workout offers great benefit for the brain functions.

Benefits of a workout on the brain functions are well known. Since the exercises create the oxygen rich blood flow to the brain, you can keep the brain at the optimum level of the oxygen and increase the cognitive capacity. That blood flow also flushes out cell damaging waste matters from the brain. Of course, you cannot forget that exercises clean up your arteries and prevent stroke from happening. Here are a few more new findings about the effects of the workout on the brain.

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More Support for Interval Training

A Woman running up stairs

Interval training is most efficient cardio workout

In one of the previous articles, I mentioned that a  shorter interval training was much more effective for improving your cardio capacity than the conventional steady cardio workout. Well, now another evidence tells us that the interval training is also good for weight loss. 

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