Correct Information

Looking for Magic Weight Loss Pills? Forget About It!

A pile of weight loss supplments

Most weight loss supplements do not do anything without a workout.

Everyone wants to lose weight in an easy way and are willing to spend tons of money to do so. When there is money there will be con artists.

The weight loss supplement is a $2.4 billion dollar industry which is still growing rapidly without much of governmental regulations or even an industry standard. Unlike medicine, supplements are categorized under “food” and they don’t need to go through a rigorous scientific process before selling their products. Some are ineffective and do nothing, but some are actually harmful for the body.

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How To Read The Latest Health Information?

Confused young female working on a laptop at home

Confused with conflicting health information? You need to know how to read it.

Recently, two scientific studies came under bright spot lights which contradict the previous beliefs. One belief is that organic foods contain more nutrition than conventional foods.

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How to Judge Online Fitness Programs

A woman preparing to order online

Spend sometime before ordering an online fitness program. It will save your money and time later.

Although it is a good idea to join a gym and work with a personal trainer at the beginning, or join a local walking or running club to learn from local “experts” before going solo, if you prefer to work out at home, there are huge numbers of fitness programs available. In fact, there are just too many of them, and you may be overwhelmed by trying to choose one (or two or three).

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Why Testimonials Are Not Good Proof

Although testimonials seem a good proof of the validity of the product effectiveness, they are often not backed up by scientific studies, and may not be effective as they seem.