Fat Burning Exercise

Losing Weight Without Working Out

Athlete woman is running during winter training outside in cold snow weather.

Working out in a cooler environment makes you lose more body fat.

Do you know what the main uses of the energy are that our body uses everyday? The largest use of energy is to maintain our organs, such as the brain and the heart. Then the energy is used to keep our body temperature steady. Depending on the surrounding temperature, our body spends between a few percent to nearly 30% of its daily energy consumption in this way. 

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More on High Intensity Interval Training

Two Women Struggle with Boot Camp Workout

A high intensity short workout is far more effective to improve your health.

Are you still spending one hour on a cardio machine to try and shed some weight? Probably you still have not seen any difference in weight for a long time. This is because a moderate, but long workout is not an efficient way to improve your health, including weight loss.

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Better Exercise to Lose Weight: Cardio or Weight Training?

A woman running up stairs

Interval trainings are the best cardio workout you can do; increase your metabolism, your cardio capacity, and your strength in a much shorter time.

When we thought that weight training was the way to go concerning weight loss, a contradictory article hit the newspapers. A study done at Duke University showed that aerobic exercise is far better than resistance training for body fat loss.

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Want to lose Belly Fat? Do Aerobic Exercise

Happy senior running on a beach

Aerobic workout is better than weight training for losing body fat

Although we sort of knew it, it is now official. According to a Duke University study, an aerobic workout beats weight-training when it comes to losing belly fat. Of course, this means not only the fat just under the skin, but also the fat located deep in the abdominal cavity and covering internal organs. This fat is known to increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Sure, we would all love to have six-pack abs, but we also want to live healthier. This is good news.

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