Fitness Motivation

Think of Working Out as Fun

A female athlete is relaxing in a spring day.

If you enjoy workout, you get more healthy benefit. Enjoy whatever you are doing. If you are healthy, you can enjoy your life more and you will be happier.

Most of us know that exercises are good for our body and we must do them if we want to be healthy. Unfortunately this mentality of “must” makes exercise seem like a burden in our life, not something we can enjoy. If you think of exercise as some sort of chore, even if you workout, your mind won’t be there fully and you will workout less efficiently. As a consequence, you won’t get the result you want and you will be further discouraged. Eventually you will stop working out entirely. This is not good; we really need to enjoy whatever we are doing.

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How Do I Make Online or DVD Workout Programs Work for Me?

A woman working out at home

Working out at home alone is not easy, but if you plan carefully, you can achieve your fitness goal.

There are hundreds of online and DVD workout programs available and many of them are great. If you use them faithfully, they do work. (Though don’t believe that you will be a super fit model in two weeks. There are only a few people who can achieve that kind of spectacular improvement. Most of us should aim for a more moderate goal). Unfortunately, most people who buy DVD workout programs give them up after a week or so. There are two reasons. First, the workout program they chose is too hard. Second, they are not accountable to anyone.

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Fitness Trackers — Do We Need It?

A woman checking time after working out

A fitness tracker is hot, but is it worth spending money? It depends on your need.

It is very important to record your workouts; without keeping track how will you know your progress? It motivates you to see the progress (or lack of progress).

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned a smartphone app for fitness tracking. Most of them are free and easy to use. Before smartphones, anyone who was serious about their workout had a notebook and recorded their workout, diet, body weight, BMI, heart rate, and even amount of sleep. Even now, many workout enthusiasts use a notebook, since smartphone apps are not flexible enough. Now, something new is on market: smart fitness trackers.

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Fat Talk, Old Talk

A senior woman meditating in a yoga class.

You are never too old to start working out. If you are doing “old talk”, you are just making excuses.

It is very important to love your body if you want to be healthy. How can you put time and effort on something you don’t care, right? Still many people unconsciously make themselves hate their body. It is called “fat talk” and “old talk.”

According to University of Wisconsin, “fat talk” is overwhelmingly common among young women. Usually, they tell their friends that they look great, but tell themselves that they are fat even if they are not.

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How to Burn More Calories Easily

A mature woman working out on a spinning bike in a group

Workout with someone slightly better than yourself. It will motivate you and you will workout much harder than you workout alone.

Do you want to burn more calories during your workout, as much as 200% more? There is an easy way to do that. Make a workout buddy who is slightly fitter than you are.

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