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How to Get Rid of Negative Thought

A woman throwing aways a paper

If you got a negative thought, write it down on paper, and throw it away!

Have you ever gotten into the state where you feel so bad about yourself, you just wanted to go to bed and stay there forever? Probably you have. One in three women in the United State has some sort of depression during their life time. Although most of them can get out by their own, some need some help. No wonder why psychologists are a booming business!

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Writing to Lose Weight

A young woman writing in the forest

Writing down the most important personal values keeps you motivated.

Many self-motivational courses recommend writing down your goals (including this site: see Motivation,) and looking at the goals several times a day every day so that the goals are clearly imprinted in your mind, and it will be a part of you. Although I still recommend doing this type of exercises, a recent study done at the University of Waterloo showed a different approach which looks very promising.

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I Wish I Had More Willpower…

You have unlimited willpower, if you know how to use it. You can use a positive self-deception, you can pretend that you have strong willpower, and you can make a good goal setting.