Healthy Diet

Dangers of Soft Drink

A couple drinking tea

Drinking tea is far more healthier than drinking soft drink.

You probably know that a regular soft drink contains very a high quantity of sugar (especially fructose from corn), but do you actually know how much sugar a bottle of soft drink contains? On average, a bottle of soda contains close to twelve table spoons of sugar! If someone gives you that much of sugar and asks you to eat it, probably you wouldn’t be able to finish it, but if it is in the soft drink, you don’t have any problems drinking it up!

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Caffeine: good for the body?

A Woman Enjoying A Cup Of Coffee

Drinking moderate amount of coffee is good for your health.

By now, most people have heard that coffee, tea, and chocolate, in moderation, are good for our bodies because they contain high-quality antioxidants and other healthful chemicals. (See previous article: coffee). However, scientists do not fully agree on whether caffeine itself in coffee and tea is helpful or damaging to the body.

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