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If You Are In Your Golden Age, Stand Up!

outside portrait of an elderly couple walking along a forest road

If you move more throughout a day in your golden age, you have less chance to become physically disabled in future.

I mean that you should not be sitting all day, especially if you are older than 60 years old. In one of the previous articles (Don’t Sit All Day…), I mentioned that that sitting is really bad for your body regardless of the amount of moderate exercises you do daily. This was further confirmed in a recent study.

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Change Your Personality to Improve Your Health.

A mature woman sitting comfortably and happily

If you are happy with yourself, you will be healthier.

We cannot deny that we are born with some sort of personalities. One recent statistical study shows that genetics affect our character traits such as self-control and sociability far more than we thought previously. Another study found that nice people are born with “niceness” genes. Indeed, our personality affects our daily life a lot.

For example, when comparing between a person with out-going traits and one with shy traits, the latter takes, on average, 5 years longer to get married, and earns as much as 20% less income at a similar educational background. That is huge.

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More on A Good Night Sleep

A couple sleeping

A good night sleep enhances the health benefit of your healthy life style farther.

If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you already know that sleep is really important for our health. If we don’t get enough sleep, we gain weight and eventually we may suffer from cardiovascular disease. A recent study done at the University of Pennsylvania reaffirmed this. The researchers found that people who slept 4 hours between 4am to 8am for five consecutive days gained far more weight than people who slept normal amounts.

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Changing Your Diet and Staring Exercise at the Same Time Brings the Best Results

Mother and son are shopping apples at a farmer's market.

Changing your diet and starting exercise at the same time is the best way to healthy life.

OK, everyone knows that: We need to eat healthy food and work out to become healthy. Even if you work out three hours a day, if you eat 10 Big Macs a day, the probability of dying from a heart attack in your early 50s is pretty high.

Still, most of us are not doing it. Ohio State University study shows that, even among people who cook their own meals and work out, they spend more time in one of the activities than the other. If they make a healthy meal, many people skip working out.

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Another Important Factor in Diet: Timing

A Senior couple eating a healthy lunch

If you eat a healthy lunch which covers about a 40% daily calorie intake, you will have a much easier time to control your body weight.

When we talk about dieting, we think about what to eat and how many calories we should eat, but rarely talk about how to eat and when to eat. Several recent studies tell us that the timing of eating is also very important if you want to lose weight.

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