Healthy Weight Loss

Another Benefit of Olive Oil — Appetite Controller

A bottle of olive oil and tomato, carrots, garlic and other greens.

Olive oil is known for its health benefit but it also suppress your appetite and help your weight loss.

Reducing calorie intakes and increasing calorie expenditures is the key to weight loss. To cut calories, scientists are still divided into two camps; low fat diet or low carb diet. However, more and more researchers think the low carb diet, if properly used, creates better results.

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Have Your Own Weight Loss Coach

A women checking her weight loss app on a smartphone

A smartphone app can be very helpful for weight loss if you use it correctly.

Every year, thousands of people decide to lose weight, but only a few succeed. Although there are many reasons, the real reason is that losing weight is “painful.” Because conserving the energy was the survival necessity back in our caveman ancestor days, our body hates to use any more extra energy than it needs to. Consequently, our brain sends out a “pain” signal every time you start working out.

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Easiest Way To Lose Body Fat: Sleep

Sleeping Woman

If you want to lose weight, you need to have a good night sleep.

We are all busy and it is very hard to find time in your day to keep up our workout schedule. No wonder why we are gaining weight! It seems that the only way to find the time for working out is by cutting sleep time…

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How To Avoid Late-Night Snack Cravings?

Woman in her pajamas goes into the refrigerator

Late night snack makes you fat. Eating healthy breakfast and lunch will stop that.

We know that we should not eat a chocolate cake at 11pm just before going to bed, but we always crave for it. Do you know why? Well, as usual, we need to blame our ancestors.

Eating starchy food at night when the body function is slowing down is the best way to save energy in the body, energy which our caveman ancestors needed to survive. Our body still remembers that “need,” but in our society, it makes us fat.

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Fat Tax Makes You Lose Weight

Piggy bank

Money has a strange power. It may help you to lose weight.

Money, like or not, has a strange power. It is just a piece of paper, or, in these days, just a digit on the Internet, but everyone behaves differently if it is money. For example, people don’t mind throwing away a half-eaten candy bar which costs $1, but if they drop a quarter, they dig up the garbage can to find it. People don’t mind taking a stationary from work to home use, but most of them think it is very wrong to take money from a petty cash deposit at work for personal use.

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