Weight Training Programs

Multi-Dimensional Workout Is the Best For Weight Loss

Exercising With A Kettlebell

Although people do different types of cross fitness training, the idea behind it is always the same: doing various types of workouts intensely in a short time is much better than moderate but long single-type exercises.

Most people have their favorite workouts. Women tend to stick to a cardio workout, and men tend to stick to weight training. Some people love Yoga and others love swimming. Whatever you do, as long as you move your body, you are benefiting your body and your brain. Even your offspring two generations down will get benefits from your workout!

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Light Weight Does It, too.

Mature woman in a gym exercising by lifting a barbell

You don’t need to lift a heavy weight to gain muscles. You can use a light weight; you just need to exhaust the muscle to make it strong.

Among gym-going men, it is almost a status symbol to be able to lift the heaviest weights. Yes, it is impressive, and yes, it builds muscles, but there is more than one way to build muscles.

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Stomach Exercises For Women

Inner abdominal muscle picture

Innter Abdominal Muscles

Even though many women avoid strength training, most of them still have abs workout routine of their own. This is good, since strong core muscles not only make you look good, but also prevent many potential injuries. Unfortunately, many women think the best abdominal exercise is which creates 6 pack abs. It is not totally wrong, but there are more than one group of abdominal muscles, and the best abdominal exercises work all of them.

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Don’t Dismiss Short Workout

Mature Woman working out at home.

Don’t dismiss a short workout. A short but higher intensity workout can be more beneficial than a long workout.

Many people think that if you can do only a short workout, say 10 minutes, it is not worth doing it since it won’t do any good for the health. However, there is a great benefit in a 10 minute workout, if you do that a few times a day.

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