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There are so much information out there related to health and fitness, in fact too much. Which ones are more reliable? In general, government sites, and university sites are quite reliable. They are slightly conservative in some areas, but the information given by them usually have a solid scientific supports and accurate. Since they don’t have any financial gain by promoting a certain product/method, they are also less biased as information sources. Some of very useful sites are:

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Not all information you find online is accurate.

  • U.S. Department of Health & Human Service

    This site provides you tons of health related information, and very easy to find them. Not much fitness information.
  • National Agricultural Library, USDA

    This site gives you up-to-date nutrition related information. You can almost replace your nutritionist to this site (not quite!).
  • The National Women’s Health Information Center

    The most reliable and current women’s health resource with information on more than 800 topics
  • President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

    Wow, the government finally decided to tackle the health problems with fitness perspective! Not as much information as some commercial sites, but
    it is quite informative.
  • Columbia University Go Ask Alice

    This is a great site to find information about the health and fitness. You can do the same using google, but you get tons of junky information. This site will give you relaiable information. So go and ask Alice!
  • Mayo Clinic

    Mayo Clinic is one of the top clinic in the world, and it provides tons of useful health information. You may find the topics related nutrition and mental health most useful at this site.

There are several useful online sites, but the information may not be as reliable as these listed above. However, when you want to know how to do certain workout, it is very useful to go to, for example, eHow and Fitness wiki. It has more than 10,000 entries related to fitness. many of them give you a good tip, but some are not quite. You should use your common sense before using the information!

Organization You Can Look For Fitness Help

When you are looking for actual person to help you, you may want to contact national organizations, and find a local expert to work with. Here are some organizations, you may find useful.

  • Anerican Dietetic Association

    This is the organization of nutritionists and when you want to find a local nutritionist to work with, you may find their Finder very useful.
  • American Council on Exercise

    There are many organizations certify personal trainers/fitness teachers, but this is one of most popular organization. If you are looking for a local personal trainer, go to Find a personal trainer site.
  • Coach U

    Coach U is an organization of personal coaches. A personal coach works with you to re-organize your life, set up goal, and help you to stay in a course. Many people find personal coach very helpful. Some personal trainers are also personal coaches, but, in general, there have totally different job functions. Sometime, you want to work with a personal trainer, sometime with a personal coach. In general, work with a personal coach first, then a personal trainer. If you want to find a personal coach, go to Search Coaches page.
  • Weight Watchers

    There are many many weight loss organizations around, but Weight Watchers distinguishes itself by creating a user support system locally and online. Although diet itself is not that much different from others, these support groups bring the weight loss success rate much higher than other organizations. Although they have an online community, it is far more useful to attend actual local meetings. Meeting real people with the same challenge makes big differences of your motivation.



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