If You Are Doing The Same Things, You Get The Same Results

Many people make mistakes in this department and that is why we hear the complaint that they don’t lose weight even if they are working out regularly. Yes, many people are working out regularly but with the same routine at the same level for the last two years! Again, the body is smart; once it knows the routine, it stops putting an effort and goes into auto-drive mode. You need to regularly increase the intensity. For example if you can push the leg press machine at the certain setting for more than 12 times, you need to increase the weight to gain muscles. After you increase weight, you may be able to push only 8 reps, which is fine, stick with that weight until you can push 12 reps again. That is the only way to increase muscle mass. Without the progression, the muscles stay the same.

a woman is running up stairs for interval training

Progression is the key for success.

If You Like Cardio Workout…

If you are a regular cardio workout person, you may want to introduce interval training, which increases the intensity and you can also reduce the workout time and add more weight training time. The aim of the interval training is to tax your heart with the maximum load. To do this, you want to bring up your heart rate very high (say, to 180 pulse per minute, if your regular cardio workout heart rate is around 140 pulse per minute) with high intensity workout for a short time, say one minute, then lower the intensity for a couple of minutes so that you can bring down the heart rate to the normal cardio workout level. Then repeat the process.
For example, if you are a runner, after the warm up period, run as fast as you can for one minute, and jog at a slow pace for 2 minutes to recover the normal heart rate. Repeat the process for 20 minutes. That is all you need. It will give you the same amount of benefit as one hour of moderate cardio workout.

Benefits Of Interval Trainings

Another way to save time for weight training and cardio workout is circuit training. Circuit training is a combination of resistance training and cardio workout. You get the benefits of a cardio workout from doing “weight” training continuously. For example, you do one minute of pushups, followed by jumping jacks for one minute, then stomach crunches for one minute, and then take a one minute break. Then squat for one minute, side jump for one minute, do abdominal bicycling crunches on the floor for one minute and another one minute’s break, etc. If you can go like this for 30 minutes, you get both resistance training and a cardio workout. Many home workout DVDs are based on this; some are as short as 10 minutes and some are as long as one hour. If you are a gym member, check out a group class for this one. I still recommend, however, a regular weight training session once a week to increase muscle strength.

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