How Do I Make Online or DVD Workout Programs Work for Me?

A woman working out at home

Working out at home alone is not easy, but if you plan carefully, you can achieve your fitness goal.

There are hundreds of online and DVD workout programs available and many of them are great. If you use them faithfully, they do work. (Though don’t believe that you will be a super fit model in two weeks. There are only a few people who can achieve that kind of spectacular improvement. Most of us should aim for a more moderate goal). Unfortunately, most people who buy DVD workout programs give them up after a week or so. There are two reasons. First, the workout program they chose is too hard. Second, they are not accountable to anyone.

As for the first, choose either a workout course for a beginner so that you can get used to moving your body and then get a more intensive one, or modify the hard work out to your level. The latter is harder since you need knowledge to do so, but if you get a good workout programs, it should tell you how.

The second reason is actually more important. Many people think that they can do it by themselves, but this is not quite true for many of us. You really need to get help from many people. Set up specific workout time, and ask your partner/friends to remind/push you to actually do the workout. You can use Facebook© for this. Declare on Facebook that you are starting a workout, tell everyone about your goal, method, how often and when you workout. Ask them for support. Post an update every time you did workout and every time you reach a mile stones (say I lost 5 pounds!) Ask all your Facebook friends to keep pushing you and cheering.

You also may want to buy a white board and draw a workout calendar. A small notebook does not work. You need to see the calendar every day. The best place to put the white board is on the refrigerator. Some people put it in the bathroom so that every time they go to the bathroom, they have to stare at it for a while. Write your goal, how to achieve it, and your workout schedule on it. Check off every time you actually did a workout, and put a special mark on it every time you reach a goal (a small stepping stone goal.)

It may take several weeks (or more) before the workout becomes a part of your life. Until then, you really need to get help from everyone you can!

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