Healthy Weight Loss

Women and weight loss is one of the most talked about topics. Most women’s health magazines carry multiple articles about the topic every month. There are hundreds of books about weight loss, thousands of websites about workout, and even the governments are giving us how to tips. They talk about how to get in shape for women, healthy diets to lose weight, what are the exercises to lose weight fast. Some even tell you how to lose weight without exercise! By now, every woman on the Earth should be in shape!

Good eating and physical activities are the keys to the healthy weight loss.

Good eating and physical activities are the key to the healthy weight loss.

Unfortunately, that is not happening. Worse, some scientists are now predicting more than 60% of the US population will be obese in 10 years! What is going on? Well, actually everyone knows what is going on; people are eating more and spending less energy. If you want to know more about it, please check the section Why Am I Gaining Weight?.

If everyone knows why we are getting fatter, why we don’t do something about it? Actually we do. Probably more than 70% of people tried some sorts of weight management programs; most likely based on one of reduced calorie diets. Unfortunately, it did not give them the result that they were expecting; many of them actually lost some weight, but at the end, they got fatter after stopping the diet! If you like to know why, please read the section: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?.

Are there any difference in weight gain/loss between men and women? The answer is Yes and No. “Yes” for the cause of weight gain, but “No” for how to lose the weight. Women have far more reasons to gain weight and need to pay more attentions to their body. Please go to the section: Women And Metabolism, and read more about it.

How To Increase Your Metabolism

So what should we do? The most important concept in weight loss is metabolism. If you know how to speed up metabolism, you can lose weight. If you slow down your metabolism by mistakes, you will gain weight. If you like to know more about metabolism, please check: What Is Metabolism?.

If you once understand the concept of metabolism, read the section: How To Increase Your Metabolism.

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The exercise is the best way to increase your metabolism.

A proper diet, not an extremely low calorie diet, is the key to the healthy weight loss, and there are two things to consider: What Should We Eat? and How To Eat?. Yes, How To Eat is as important as what to eat.

Then, of course, there is the workout. You cannot speed up your metabolism without working out. Many people try to lose weight just by dieting; that is why they failed. You really need to workout. There are some mis-concepts about working out which prevent women from doing appropriate workout for the weight loss. Please read the section: Exercise! for more details.

Knowing where you are is also very important. Go to BMI Calculator, and computer your Body Mass Index, and other useful information about your body status.

If you like to know more, I have a small recommended list of books:Recommended Reading.

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