Do You Want an Easy and Healthy Way to Lose Weight? Chew Gum!

A Woman Is Chewing Gum

Chewing gum may help you to lose weight

When you are on a diet, you really need a few tricks to forget your hunger. One commonly used trick is chewing sugarless gum. The sweet taste in your mouth makes you feel like you actually ate something sweet, and you can refrain from eating real sugary sweets. Some people, however, say that this trick doesn’t work, since it stimulates saliva production, and makes them more hungry. Well, a recent study at University of Rhode Island indicates the former is correct.

In this study, healthy volunteers chewed sugarless gum for 20 minutes 3 times each morning. At lunch, they ate 67 calories fewer than the non-gum-chewing group. Further, the researchers found that those chewing gum expended 5% more calories while chewing gum.

OK, I admit the calories are not a large amount when you are eating 2,500 calories a day (which is typical for many US men), but if you are on an extremely low-calorie diet (say a 600 calorie diet), 67 calories is 10% of the entire day’s worth of calories. So it will add up. You might want to add sugarless gum in your diet plan!

By the way, many dentists think that chewing gum is not good for your teeth, and in the long run, you may damage your teeth by grinding them. So don’t overdo it!

Source: University Rhode Island, Dept of Nutrition and Food Science

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