Should We Buy an Expensive Pair of Running Shoes?

A woman is lacing up the running shoes.

You don’t need to buy an expensive pair of running shoes, but there are several things to pay attention when you buy the shoes.

If you are a new to running, probably the first thing that you think about is a pair of running shoes (and you should!). It is true that more and more people are running in bare feet as the way of running without shoes is much more natural to human body mechanics.

Changing Your Diet and Staring Exercise at the Same Time Brings the Best Results

Mother and son are shopping apples at a farmer's market.

Changing your diet and starting exercise at the same time is the best way to healthy life.

OK, everyone knows that: We need to eat healthy food and work out to become healthy. Even if you work out three hours a day, if you eat 10 Big Macs a day, the probability of dying from a heart attack in your early 50s is pretty high.

Still, most of us are not doing it. Ohio State University study shows that, even among people who cook their own meals and work out, they spend more time in one of the activities than the other. If they make a healthy meal, many people skip working out.

Knee Problems…

A female athlete with a knee problem.

The minor knee problem can develop into debilitating osteoarthritis. Take care any knee problem before too late.

If you are one of lucky people who do not have knee problems, you may not need to read this article. Still I recommend doing so as it may prevent you from knee problems in future.

Knee problems are prevalent among exercisers, especially runners. The minor knee problem can develop into debilitating osteoarthritis in old age, which may cost you your freedom of movement and even a healthy life. As usual, we need to blame our ancestors. They did not live long enough to worry about the knee cartilage to deteriorate and develop osteoarthritis.

How Do I Make Online or DVD Workout Programs Work for Me?

A woman working out at home

Working out at home alone is not easy, but if you plan carefully, you can achieve your fitness goal.

There are hundreds of online and DVD workout programs available and many of them are great. If you use them faithfully, they do work. (Though don’t believe that you will be a super fit model in two weeks. There are only a few people who can achieve that kind of spectacular improvement. Most of us should aim for a more moderate goal). Unfortunately, most people who buy DVD workout programs give them up after a week or so. There are two reasons. First, the workout program they chose is too hard. Second, they are not accountable to anyone.

Stomach Exercises For Women

Inner abdominal muscle picture

Innter Abdominal Muscles

Even though many women avoid strength training, most of them still have abs workout routine of their own. This is good, since strong core muscles not only make you look good, but also prevent many potential injuries. Unfortunately, many women think the best abdominal exercise is which creates 6 pack abs. It is not totally wrong, but there are more than one group of abdominal muscles, and the best abdominal exercises work all of them.