More on High Intensity Interval Training

Two Women Struggle with Boot Camp Workout

A high intensity short workout is far more effective to improve your health.

Are you still spending one hour on a cardio machine to try and shed some weight? Probably you still have not seen any difference in weight for a long time. This is because a moderate, but long workout is not an efficient way to improve your health, including weight loss.

Fitness Trackers — Do We Need It?

A woman checking time after working out

A fitness tracker is hot, but is it worth spending money? It depends on your need.

It is very important to record your workouts; without keeping track how will you know your progress? It motivates you to see the progress (or lack of progress).

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned a smartphone app for fitness tracking. Most of them are free and easy to use. Before smartphones, anyone who was serious about their workout had a notebook and recorded their workout, diet, body weight, BMI, heart rate, and even amount of sleep. Even now, many workout enthusiasts use a notebook, since smartphone apps are not flexible enough. Now, something new is on market: smart fitness trackers.

Fish Is Better than Supplements as a Source of Omega-3.

Fish dish - fish fillet in sauce and vegetables

As a source of Omega-3, eating fish is much better than taking a fish oil supplements.

By now, we all know that the Omega-3 is essential for our health. Since it is hard to eat fish every day, many people rely on Omega-3 supplements. However, researchers at University of Pennsylvania found that Omega-3 from fish is far superior to those of supplement.

Processed Meat Will Kill You

Skewered shrimp, pineapple, chicken and assorted vegetables on a plate with curried rice.

Avoid processed meat as much as you can. Instead eat fish and chicken cooked at home.

OK, let me tell you the facts first. If you eat more than 40g (about 1.5 once) of processed meat daily, your chance of dying is 18% higher than those who don’t. If you think it is not high, then think again. If you have four friends (plus you), one of them will die due to eating processed meat, and it could be you.

Why is the processed meat so bad for the body? It contains all of the bad things that we should avoid. Here is the list of ingredients and bad things about it.

Benefits Of a Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean dish with rocket, baby spinach,olives,cherry tomatoes,mushrooms,wallnuts,grilled fish, and fresh oregano

Cooking based on Mediterranean diet seems to improve your health and help you to lose weight. Mediterranean or not, always use fresh organic food, not processed ones.

Mediterranean diet has been known as a healthy menu for a while. There are hundreds of scientific studies published on this subject, but the most recent study published by a group of researchers associated with PREDIMED clearly showed the benefit of the Mediterranean diet.

Fat Talk, Old Talk

A senior woman meditating in a yoga class.

You are never too old to start working out. If you are doing “old talk”, you are just making excuses.

It is very important to love your body if you want to be healthy. How can you put time and effort on something you don’t care, right? Still many people unconsciously make themselves hate their body. It is called “fat talk” and “old talk.”

According to University of Wisconsin, “fat talk” is overwhelmingly common among young women. Usually, they tell their friends that they look great, but tell themselves that they are fat even if they are not.