Planning for Your Healthy Life

To achieve something, you need to plan for it, and to make a good plan, you need to spend time. When you plan to go to a vacation, I know you spend lots of time to prepare for it. You may buy a book about the region you want to go, check web sites for the information about the cities you would like to visit. You would probably look for a good but reasonably priced hotel and airfare, then check where to eat once you get there, etc, etc. It should be the same for your workout planning.

First, check back Fitness Motivation section, and remind yourself about what are the goal. Let’s use an example. You want to lose 20lb in 4 months before the summer starts. It means that you need to lose 5 lb a month, or slightly more than 1 lb a week. It should not be difficult. Let’s plan to lose 2 lb a week, as we always hit some obstructs and in some weeks, you may not lose any.

A woman planning

A solid planning can make your fitness goal closer.

How to lose 2 lb a week? Well, you may guess that you need to do some diet, but will the diet alone be enough? Well, you need to find out. How? You go to web sites like this one and find information about weight loss, or go to a library and check weight loss books. You can attend a local hospital wellness lecture about weight loss, or find people who lost 20 lb and ask what they did. If you don’t mind spending money, you can visit a nutritionist or other weight loss specialist. Get as much information as you can.

Among the methods, first drop unhealthy options such as liposuction, or weight loss drugs. Then find the most effective way to lose weight. Does it appeal to you? Compare it to the second most effective way. Which one is better for you? If the second one appeals more than the first one, even though it is lesseffective, you should choose the second one, since probably you will stay with it if you like it.

Next, think about what you need to do to accomplish that. Probably you need a good meal plan. Should you prepare it for yourself, or should you buy pre-set meal courses such as Weight Watchers©? If it is former, how do you prepare them? If the latter, will it be within your budget? If you want to add workout to boost up your metabolism, should you joint a gym or should workout at home?

You know how much time you have for workout from Importance of Time Management section. Think how you can use this time slot most efficiently. Should you join a gym, or workout at home and/or outdoor? If you live in the northern part of the US, probably you want to join a gym: it is much easier to workout there during the winter time. If you decide to workout at home, what do you need? Do you need to buy a full set of dumbbells? Or can you do just by your body weight? If you are running outside, where is the safest and most pleasant route?

You also need to consider your budget, support, and how to keep motivating yourself, such as rewords and penalties. For example, if you achieve, the weekly goal of 2 lb loss, how should you reward yourself? If you miss two consecutive workouts, what is the penalty for yourself?

Then, you need to plan what you want to do after achieving the goal of 20 lb weight loss. You know you will gain all the weight back and more if you stop dieting and workout. You need to think how to maintain the healthy weight. It is a long-term lifestyle change. The long-term plan should be flexible, but you need to have a vision for that, the time to plan for the new life style is today, at this moment. You should not wait till tomorrow.

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