Weight Training Programs

Weight Training Programs

Weight training programs should be a part of your regular workout.

For men or women, weight training must be a part of the regular workout. Many women do cardio workout, but ignore weight training. That is a mistake. You can gain significant health benefit out of weight training. The benefit include:

  • Weight training increases metabolism regardless of your age.
  • Weight training increases bone density.
  • Weight training improves your posture.
  • Weight training improves balance and coordination.
  • Weight training improves fundamental health factor, including blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol level.
  • Weight training may prevent injuries from accidents such as falling.

Even though it is called “weight training”, you don’t necessarily need weights, such as dumbbells or bar bells. You can use your body weight, and you don’t need more than that! For example, if you do push ups, lunges, and situps, you can cover most of the major muscle groups in less than 10 min, and you can be totally exhausted. So, don’t make an excuse saying that you don’t have an access to a health club, or you don’t have any weights. Just start weight training today.

If you have not done much of weight training, I strongly recommend to work with a trainer first. I know you have a limited budget. I am not saying you should work with the trainer every time you workout. In fact, I discourage that as many people end up totally depending on the trainer and can do only what they are told. It is your body and you must take charge of it yourself!

What I am recommending is that you make your own workout program, then present it to a trainer. She will suggest what is good, and what can be improved (hopefully, she is a good trainer and respects you, and doesn’t push her own pet project!). Then she will work with you so that you do each movement correctly and safely. Probably, you want to meet with her once a month, or at most once in two months for update. You don’t want to do the same routine for more than two months, and after a while you might forget a correct workout form. You may want to video tape your workout session with your trainer so that you can watch it later for reference.

As for types of weight training, there are several different types. If you are working out, you may want to get a stretch band for your workout. It costs around $20, and you can use it in many ways. The stretch band and your body weight can give you enough workout to build your muscles. If you are interested in it, you can get a few sets of dumbbells for more advance workout, but I don’t recommend buying any of the expensive “gym” machines as 90% of these gym machine bought for home use will be used only for a short time, and covered with dust afterward.

If you have an access to a health club, the use of weight machines is the safest way to get started. You still need to get instruction from a gym trainer. Once you get used to weight training, you should add light free weights, such as dumbbells. Most trainers are familiar with “functional” workout, and even with a light weight, they can give you a great muscle workout.
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