What Should We Eat?

In the previous section, we found out that there are two things that we can use to control our metabolism: eating and physical activities. Even if you have an obesity gene, by controlling these two factors, you can lose weight and stay healthy. Although it seems these two are “separate” factors, they are deeply intermingled and you cannot talk about them separately. One affects to the other. One reason that people fail to lose weight is just doing “dieting” without working out. Even among the people who go to the gym regularly, we hear a complaint that they cannot lose weight. Well, this is because they ignore the eating part. With that in mind, I will talk more about eating first and then about working out.

Change the Way of Thinking from “Live to Eat” to “Eat to Live.”

Eating a delicious meal with your family and friends is one of most pleasurable things we can do in our social life. It is a great way to create a strong bond among people, and I still recommend doing it occasionally. Unfortunately, many people live so that they can eat! Did you know that several famous TV chefs who were eating unhealthy food they cooked, are now on a restricted diet and cannot eat what they cook? Don’t be like them. You should enjoy food, but in moderation and on fewer occasions. If you want to be healthy you need to eat to live, not the other way around.

Salmon Dinner

Balanced diet is the first step for healthy weight.

Balanced Meal

The most important concept is a balanced meal. If you don’t get all the nutrition you need, your body tries to get it by sending a hunger signal. For example, if you are craving sweets, you may be missing chromium or sulfur in your diet. If you cannot stop eating bread, you are probably missing nitrogen. (Note that if that is the case, you can eat broccoli and grapes to fix the former and high protein food to correct the latter.)

Many people are missing some essential vitamins and minerals because they are not eating enough vegetables and fruit. First step to the balanced meal is, therefore, adding more vegetables and fruit. Fruit such as apples and oranges last for a long time if you keep them properly. You can buy them all year long, which is the benefit of the modern life. If you like berries, blueberry is one of the better choices since you can keep it for a long time and it easy to eat. Among vegetables, broccoli is one of the best because of its high nutritional value (note that several studies also found it may prevent some cancers) but you should eat all kinds of vegetables. Although fresh vegetables are the best, if you are one of those busy people, get frozen vegetables and keep them in the freezer. Whenever you need, just microwave them and add as a side dish.

Now, let’s look into indivisual elements of balanced meal more closely.

  • Fat Intake
    There is good fat and bad fat. You need to replace bad fat with healthy oils which promote your health (Read More …).

  • Carbohydrates
    The carbohydrates is great energy source, but many people over-eat it and gain weight. Avoid simple carbohydrate and eat more of complex carbohydrate (Read More …).

  • Protein
    If you want to build muscles, you need protein. Most people are already eating enough protein to support their body and don’t need to increase the amount of protein. However, you may want to change the source of protein to healthier one (Read More …).

  • Fiber and Other Nutrients
    There are more than protein, carbohydrate, and fat in nutritions. Vitamins, minerals, and fibers are essential for your health (Read More …).

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