Why Can’t I Lose Weight?
I did dieting, but it did not work…

Although the main cause of weight gain is over-eating without using the colories from the food, another problem is “DIETING.” When people try to lose weight, they reduce intake instead of increasing expenditures. This is a huge mistake! Every time you lose weight by cutting calories, you gain back every pound and more, after going back to the original level of food consumption. As I said, the body is a very efficient machine. When the calorie intake is low, our body operates at low calorie mode and consumes fewer calories. That is why it is difficult to lose weight farther after losing 5 pounds or so with dieting. By then the body realizes what is going on, and switches to the energy efficient mode. When you stop dieting, the body is still in the low calorie mode, and it stores extra energy more efficiently and gains back all the fat your lost and more – until the body realizes that you are eating at the normal level.

Secondly, 25% of the body weight you lose by dieting comes from the muscles. Muscles use about 20% of energy even if they are resting comparing to only 5% used by body fat (the rest is used by other organs including the brain.) Every time you diet, you lose 25% of muscles, and when you gain weight back, that potion is replaced by “fat.” Therefore, every time you diet, you gain more body fat and you are lowering your metabolism rate. Yes, diet makes you FAT!

A graph describing why diet makes you fat.

Low calorie diet without working out is lower your metabolism and, in a long run, makes you fatter.

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